Keith O’Brien’s experience spans writing, editing, and content and digital marketing strategy.

Recent Work

  • Developed learning framework and delivered best-in-class blended learning programs for Econsultancy’s biggest pharma and financial services clients
  • Helped Unruly reimagine and deliver an insights report for one of its biggest clients.
  • Wrote the development plan and project managed the launch of AgendaZoom.
  • Helped Wise PR launch the Cannabis PR Firm site and blog
  • Created a content plan for an global consultant organization intranet

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Digital Marketing and Social Media



Richard Robinson
Managing Partner at Econsultancy

Keith is the definition of client-centric. He is focused on finding the best solution for his clients and delivers programs in an efficient and effective manner. He relishes solving problems, and his diverse career background and skillset makes him an ideal employee.

Ian Forrester
Global SVP, Insight and Solutions at Unruly

June 26, 2018, Ian was senior to Keith but didn’t manage directly

Keith recently joined our team leading an insight project whose purpose was to WOW our biggest and most important client, P&G. He did a superb job. Despite being given a very loose brief and a very raw set of data with which to work, Keith drew out the most important insights and arranged them into a coherent and compelling story. Extremely thoughtful, articulate and perceptive, Keith sees what others do not, and is able to explain his ideas to lay people. Such storytelling capabilities are sometimes under-valued but are, in fact, extremely rare and invaluable. In addition, Keith was a pleasure to work with, a very positive presence around the office and always willing to go the extra mile helping out colleagues.

Harrison Wise
President, Wise Public Relations, Inc. & Mentor at Techstars Connection

Keith has been instrumental during the launch of The Cannabis PR Firm website and blog. His contributions around our content strategy and content development roadmap have been key to building our voice and lead generation/audience development efforts. He continues to be a valued partner and regular contributor to the site. Keith is a great resource for any organization looking for smart content strategies, content development capabilities and project management chops.

Joanna Harp
Chief Revenue Officer / Publisher at Dance Media LLC

Beyond smart, Keith is savvy, insightful, on top of every trend and combines his thirst of knowledge with humor, generosity and leadership to exhibit some of the best professional skills and deliver the most quality work you’ll find anywhere. Keith is a creative mind that goes outside boundaries and inspires all of those around him. He almost singlehandedly reinvented a brand, creating new, relevant products that reinvigorated the communications industry.Keith makes a positive impact wherever he is, so don’t miss an opportunity to work for or with him

Julia Hood
Founder, AgendaZoom, a brand of Pop-Up Media LLC

Keith has been an essential counselor and consultant to me as I have worked to establish my start-up, AgendaZoom. From the beginning, he has helped me bring focus to the process, helping me move from idea to reality. I would not be as far along in the journey without him.
Keith is the master at un-sticking a project. While grounded in what is achievable and doable at every level, he has a keen sense of the potential behind every project, and designs a plan to accommodate those future needs.

On a practical level, he knows the digital universe in both theoretical and hands-on ways. He is also my favorite brainstorm partner – asking pointed questions to tease out the strengths and weaknesses in every idea or plan. He is generous with his extensive knowledge, network, and ideas.

Keith is incredibly reliable and responsible – never leaving me in any doubt that I have his focus and that he is bringing me his best contribution. He is high-functioning at every level of micromanaging that exists – whether you want to dig into every detail, or you just want him to go away and work out the solution.

  • If you are looking at a blank piece of paper, and don’t know where to start – especially with digital content, call Keith.
  • If you have hit a roadblock, with 100s of things coming at you and you can’t figure out the path forward, call Keith.
  • If you have a lot of egos fighting a turf battle but not seeing clearly the opportunity, call Keith.
  • If you have an amazing idea that you want to launch but you don’t have the first idea how to get going, call Keith