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  • Why Bots Could Be The Best Thing to Happen to Writers

    Before I hit send on this piece, I passed the words on your screen through a program called Grammarly. While it is not a foolproof editor, its algorithm will likely catch grammatical issues immediately that would take me multiple times to spot (if at all). It will also confirm to me that I haven’t stolen […]

  • Why Editorial Make The Best Marketers

    It is brutal out there for those working in editorial. From pivots to video and extensive layoffs, job security is an illusion. While that is depressing and many people will find no solace in this, journalists and editors are an in-demand workforce. This is because content is now among the most valuable marketing tools for […]

  • Destination: 2020

      In the year 2020, in the year 2020!!!!!!!!! The Wall Street Journal tackles a pernicious trend taken root in governance and corporate America. The rise of the 2020 report! But not just any 2020 report, there are multiple organizations that have rolled out documentation called Vision 2020, which, as the WSJ reports, has dismayed […]

  • Pizza Parties and Other Important Matters

    I’m trying to square Papa John’s logic that the furor around the NFL protests is driving down its sales (Pizza Hut says sales are great; we’re still waiting for Taco Town’s quarterly earnings call to see what they say) is Papa John’s certainly should have pull with the NFL; they are the league’s official pizza […]

  • HR Is Ill-Equipped and Other News that Matters

    Thought of the Day HR will never be effective enough against harassment as long as it reports directly to the CEO/C-Suite. Companies that can afford to do – as a competitive advantage – should design an external body to respond to these complaints, much like a public editor responds to reader complaints. A select group […]

  • How to Run Discovery For Content Strategy

    This is part of a series of articles entitled “A Definitive Guide to Content Marketing”. Read the whole series here. What is discovery? If you’ve ever watched a legal thriller, you have heard the term discovery, which means: Discovery enables the parties to know before the trial begins what evidence may be presented. It’s designed to […]

  • How to Document Everything for Your Content Marketing Plan

    But documentation is not just about printing out reams of paper or setting up a wiki. It’s a living functionality. Documentation has versions. It requires discussions. It involves reminders. Documentation is the engineering of any successful content operation. It can help your colleagues, you, and/or your employees to structure their days and weeks, and also […]

  • How to Come to an Understanding for a Content Marketing Strategy

    This is part of a series of articles entitled “A Definitive Guide to Content Marketing”. Read the whole series here. Understanding in a word is: “what?” In a few more words: “what is this grand experiment about?” Imaging the standard elevator pitch helps. How would you describe what your brand is about in under 10 seconds? […]

  • How You Can Work in Content Marketing

    This is part of a series of articles entitled “A Definitive Guide to Content Marketing”. See the whole series here. Either you are starting something up alone or in a group, or you’ve been hired to run or help a content operation. Before you get into any of it, know this: it’s hard. It’s very […]

  • A Definitive Guide to Content Marketing

    A Definitive Guide to Content Marketing

    INTRODUCTION Content has become one of the most powerful tools in a modern corporation’s arsenal. So much so, that it has created a high-demand marketplace for content strategy specialists and agencies. But where do you begin? In a proactive gesture to demonstrate my own thinking and a gesture to those who are otherwise contemplating content marketing, […]

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