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  • The Great Trending Topics Debacle

    Facebook officially killed the Trending Topics program.  It may have been the most foolhardy decision they have made recently (which is amidst a fair share of recent foolhardy steps). Facebook (through Mark Zuckerberg) famously crystalized the prevalent Silicon Valley thinking into a quotable slogan: Move Fast and Break Things. Of course, the impetus behind the […]

  • Twitter on TV Was Always a Bad Idea

    Twitter just announced that it is killing off its smart screen and box apps. Some of you may not have realized these even existed or believe they had died an ignominious death years ago. But it was not long ago that many were touting this as the next big thing in building community around the […]

  • How Do You Fix Facebook When It Was Probably Born Broken?

    How Do You Fix Facebook When It Was Probably Born Broken?

    Famous for issuing himself idiosyncratic personal challenges, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg realizes his billion-dollar company needs his full attention this year. Zuck recently addressed – let’s be real – the world with some mea culpa and to inform it of changes to the services. The company is awash in trouble, which is perhaps unavoidable when you’re this […]