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  • The Great Trending Topics Debacle

    Facebook officially killed the Trending Topics program.  It may have been the most foolhardy decision they have made recently (which is amidst a fair share of recent foolhardy steps). Facebook (through Mark Zuckerberg) famously crystalized the prevalent Silicon Valley thinking into a quotable slogan: Move Fast and Break Things. Of course, the impetus behind the […]

  • We Go Back

    We Go Back

    That meal kit startups are having some issues might come to some as a surprise. Most people who have tried the kits appreciate the simplicity and the convenience of not thinking about their meals. Until the convenience feels stifling and the simplicity feels like a negative instead of a positive. People then yearn for the […]

  • Pizza Parties and Other Important Matters

    I’m trying to square Papa John’s logic that the furor around the NFL protests is driving down its sales (Pizza Hut says sales are great; we’re still waiting for Taco Town’s quarterly earnings call to see what they say) is Papa John’s certainly should have pull with the NFL; they are the league’s official pizza […]